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In 1928, with support from T.P. Loblaw, F.K. Morrow, and other prominent leaders from the area, the first Stevenson Memorial Hospital was born. Years later, in 1964, due to the expanding population and increasing health care needs, our hospital was rebuilt. At that time, fewer than 10,000 people relied on our hospital for care.


Now, over 50 years later, Stevenson is providing care for a community of over 73,000 people and our population is expected to rise to more than 100,000 by 2031. Our hospital needs financial support to expand and revitalize our facility and continually update technology and replace critical equipment.


Our Foundation is dedicated to raising the funds necessary to meet these needs. Together, we have a strong vision for the future of Stevenson Memorial Hospital, centered on a revitalized hospital, state-of-the-art equipment, and comfortable, modern patient spaces.


But we need the support of our entire community to make this amazing transformation a reality. Please join us in becoming part of this new vision of health care for our community.




We exist to raise funds for Stevenson Memorial Hospital by collaborating with our hospital, our community and our donors.



Inspiring Community Giving for Hospital Excellence



We are committed to being a leader in the donor experience, driven by our values.





We adhere to the highest ethical principles.


We partner with our hospital, community and donors.


We are accountable to our donors.


We embrace the diversity of our donors and our community.


We promote an environment of professional growth and development for staff and volunteers.

Our History

The Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation formed in December 1985 as a new fundraising force for the hospital, was originally comprised of Hospital Board members and an integral part of the Hospital Board structure.


In light of changing economic and legislative conditions, the Foundation was reconstituted on June 23, 2003 as a separate charitable entity (an Ontario corporation) with new Letters Patent and By-Laws and is governed by a volunteer Board of 12 Directors elected by community Members of the Foundation. The Officers of the Foundation Board are elected by the Directors from among the Board members.


A transition Foundation Board comprised of some members of the Hospital Board and other interested community members provided the leadership to develop the basic legal and regulatory structure for the new Foundation formed officially in June 2003.