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Because of You, We Can.


Government rarely provides funding for capital equipment in hospitals. SMH depends on the generosity of donors, through the SMH Foundation, to fund capital costs such as equipment, technology and major renovations. Each year, the SMH Foundation is presented with a list of priority capital equipment for the hospital. If you would like more information about directing your donation towards one of these critical items, please contact Whitney Sallach at


2021-2022 SMH Foundation Capital List

Hospital Information System ‐ Funded by SMH Foundation
Information Technology Meditech 500,000
High Acuity Unit High Acuity Unit Project Unfunded 118,238
Medicine Recliner, High Back 6,990
Building Service Equipment Telephone System & Paging System 392,198
Operating Room Endoscope System Year 2 46,753 FUNDED!
Operating Room Cabinet, Warming for Fluids and Blankets 10,319 FUNDED!
Clinic, Ambulatory Care General Automated External Defibrillator (Lifepak 1000 3,400
IT ‐ Quality Risk and Patient Experience Software, Incident and Patient Feedback Database Interfaced
to Meditech (Datix)
Emergency Scanner, Bladder 19,028
Emergency Stretcher, Trauma 25,571
Pharmacy Cabinet, Automated Medication Dispensing Unit Upgrade
Operating Room Refrigerator, Medication 7,130
Dialysis Ultrasound, Vascular HandHeld 6,113
Medicine Doppler, Handheld 2,200
Laboratory Analyzer, Urine with Interface to Meditech 9,680
Laboratory Refrigerator, Blood Bank 9,674
Housekeeping Polisher, Floor 3,761
IT ‐ Administration Software, DocuSign 15,254
Building and Equipment Subtotal 732,000

TOTAL – $1,232,000