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One of the lessons that COVID-19 has
taught us is to be grateful. We are so
fortunate to have SMH in our community.
Thank you for all you do – always!
– Noreen Martin

To each and every one of you for always
being there for our family. Stronger Together.
– Steve & Lorraine Simpson

From the bottoms of our hearts, we
appreciate the work you do, the sacrifices
you make, and your dedication to providing
the most compassionate care possible.
– Janet Hayward

Thank you for all you do.
– Sincerely, Linda Beckstead

You are truly appreciated
—even more so now—
as you all serve above and beyond
the call of duty during this time
of great stress and uncertainty.
– Pat

The world is full of chaos. Within
it all, you give your full attention
to a person in need. That’s what
true human beings do!
– Phoebe Currie

Thank your families and loved
ones for sharing your courage,
dedication, and bravery with the
rest of your community. Your service
and sacrifices are most appreciated.
– Roz and Joe Walker

It takes a special person to continuously
help so many others who are suffering.
It takes an extra special person willing to
take personal risks in order to aid those in need.
– Thank you, Andy Bagnall

Our thanks and prayers are with you!
– Dan and Maureen

Thank you for your dedication and
compassion in this fight against
COVID-19. With individuals like you, we
know we will overcome this devastating virus!
– Wayne and Darlene

Thank you so much for all the work
you do, day-in and day-out, to serve
this community! The care and attention you
give patients is top-notch and much appreciated.
– G. Carrol

We are so blessed to have this
very fine hospital in our community.
The service has always been excellent.
– Pat

Your staff are an example to us
of putting your personal fears
aside to help everyone else. You
are the real heroes of our world!
Don’t forget to take care of
yourselves and each other. 
With love and respect.
– Allison Stumpo

THANK-you so much Trina Bell working
on the frontline in these difficult times
Love you!! MOM❤❤❤
– Debbie Bell

Our Aunty Trina is a frontline
Superhero @ Stevenson Memorial Hospital.
– Issac, Lucas & Alexis

I just wanted to let you know that
I’m staying home, even though I
really love school. Thank you for
being awesome. Stay safe!
– Madilyn, age 8

Dear health care workers: 
are doing a great job of keeping
people safe. Keep up the great work!
– Gavin, age 7

In these challenging times,
your brave devotion is appreciated!

I hope this stops soon so you can
go home and see your families.
– Love, Declan, Grade Two

We want to thank all the staff who
have been singing and dancing
their way through this.
– Susan Sparling

Stay safe and stay healthy!

– So many people have said this to staff

You are the front-line warriors
in this battle: courageous, strong
and steadfast. Thank you from the
bottom of our hearts!! 

– Terry & Judy Temple

You work so hard… I hope you
get a break soon! 

– Love, Sarah

We are so very grateful to have
such a small, but great hospital
in our community.

Thank you for helping sick
people feel better!

– Liam, Grade Two

We know you are putting yourself
at risk each and every day you got
to work and we are so grateful that
you are doing this. Thank goodness
we have you to lean on to get us
through this crisis. You are true
heroes, each and every one of you.

– James & Gail Cocker

Thank you for risking your lives
to make people better. You can do it!
Thank you. Remember to keep safe.

– Tyson, Grade Two

Your staff is so very helpful and
caring, and we feel fortunate to have
you close at hand and in our hearts.

– Anonymous

Instead of only taking care of your
family, you also take care of the world.
You work long hours and work hard and
I appreciate it. I will pray for you every
night, please stay safe.
– Asia, Grade Two

It seems such a small word, but
I know it means a lot to me when
someone says ‘thanks.’ So, to all of
you at Stevenson Memorial a GREAT

– The Moyers

Thank you for everyone who has
been working tirelessly in keeping
our community safe from the Covid-19
virus and helping those in great need
of assistance. God bless to all!
– A grateful donor 

Please stay safe so you can
take care of everyone.  

– Kai, Age 7

Thank you so very much for
being there for us.  

– This message has been repeated
over, and over, and…

As we all face these unprecedented
times, it’s so comforting to know we
have you all looking after us. You have
always been a blessing in my life from
saving my baby and me some 18 years ago
to all the care provided to my family since.
– Allison Stumpo

I want to send a huge thank you
and say that you are all heroes and
great dancers. (I saw the video).  

– Avery, Grade 2

Thanks SO MUCH, for all you do!
For standing in defence of the whole

– Appreciative donors

Thank you again to everyone: Cleaners,
maintenance staff, laboratory staff,
doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists,
etc. etc. Keep up the good work, depend
on one another and BE STRONG!

– The Moyers

You rock!
– Owen, Grade Two

Thank you for screening people that
go to the Hospital. Thank you for taking
care of all the sick patients during this scary
time and for keeping everyone safe!
– Mason, Age 8 

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