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Care is Comfort – An Appeal from our Chief of Staff


To know that critical, life-saving care is right around the corner is such a comforting thing. This is what Lee, an Alliston resident who is currently battling leukemia, thinks about having Stevenson Memorial Hospital in our community.


Lee has seen the doctors and nurses at our community hospital on many occasions. He visits Stevenson regularly as an outpatient in our clinics, and has also counted on Stevenson for emergency care. When Lee had a stroke earlier this year, our hospital stabilized him for transport to Royal Victoria Hospital; and when he required a life-saving treatment, our hospital was there to provide the care Lee needed, right away.


Earlier this fall Lee arrived at our hospital in need of an urgent blood transfusion; and thanks to the work of our doctors, nurses, and the support of friends like you, Lee received the care he needed. Nurses bestowed heartfelt smiles, kind words and constant offers of extra pillows and heated blankets. One very caring nurse even found a quiet room just for Lee so he could get some rest while he completed his blood transfusion.


“I was just so impressed with the quality of care that I received from the doctors and nurses at Stevenson that day. They went above and beyond the call of duty for me. It was all done with smiles,” Lee said warmly, as he recalled the night he spent in our Emergency Room.


Lee was so thankful for the compassionate, life-saving care he received.


You are receiving this today because we need your help. You may not know that hospital equipment is not paid for through government funding. As equipment wears out, stops working, or is no longer repairable, our hospital depends on your support to help purchase the critical tools that we urgently need, so that we can continue to provide life-saving care right in our community.


Your generous gift today will help us to bring new medical equipment into our hospital, so that you can continue to count on us for life-saving health care close to home.


“Having a hospital in our community means having that medical expertise so close. It also means that your family is close too. But when that hospital also provides you with such great care, that is just so wonderful. Stevenson, in my mind, is very special.” – Lee


I wish you could have heard the gratitude in Lee’s voice – something your support makes possible. Your gift will bring the best needed new medical technology and equipment into our hospital to improve care and save lives. This is something we can’t do without you. Your support will:


  • Ensure that our Emergency Room has the right equipment to begin critical medications and treatments right away;
  • Support the purchase of innovative infection control equipment that will help reduce outbreaks and keep you safer;
  • Replace old diagnostic equipment with enhanced technology, so we can make a life-saving diagnosis faster.


Your investments in our local hospital will ensure that we can continue to provide amazing local health care to you and your loved ones.


I am asking you to review the enclosed list, detailing of some of our most urgent needs, because your support plays such an important role in the patient care at Stevenson. Stevenson was built to serve only 7,000 Emergency Room patients annually, but with our community growing so rapidly, we are expecting to see upward of 40,000 Emergency Room patients this year alone. Our hospital needs your help now more than ever.


This holiday season, please consider supporting the purchase of the critical medical equipment that your hospital needs; your support would be a truly amazing gift: the gift of life.



Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez Chief of Staff Stevenson Memorial Hospital


P.S. When you support the purchase of critical medical equipment, you are giving the gift of life-saving, local healthcare. Because of you… we can continue to provide our community with high-quality, life-saving care.


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