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Safety to Heal – An Appeal from our Clinical Coordinator


Every day people in our community come to Stevenson Memorial Hospital seeking quality care and treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.


But no matter what brings them through our doors, all of the patients in our Medical Surgical Unit have something in common: They need a safe, comfortable place to heal.


That’s why our Refurbish a Room campaign is so important. Our patients deserve to heal in an environment where they can get a restful sleep, easily access their personal belongings, and have the privacy they need. It’s been two years since I told you about the Campaign and our five-year plan to refurbish all the patient rooms in our Medical Surgical Unit. This includes replacing the beds, bedside tables, over the bed tables, window blinds and privacy curtains.


Today, I’m happy to share some great news. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our community and big-hearted donors like you, we’ve already raised 30% of our total goal!


Even as I write, patients in every room in the unit are benefitting from brand new privacy curtains and window blinds. This vital purchase has tremendously increased patient privacy, as well as providing extra protection against disease transmission. What a wonderful gift for the 2,500 inpatients we expect to care for this year.


We are very grateful to you for helping to get our Refurbish a Room campaign off to such an amazing start. And today, I hope I can count on you to help keep up the momentum. Your gift will bring us even closer to reaching our goal. This year, we urgently need your help to replace the beds and bedside tables in several patient spaces, in addition to providing accessible over the bed tables for each patient space.


Some of our current beds are now over 10 years beyond their recommended lifespan. Breakdowns are a big problem, as repairs are next to impossible. It’s getting harder to find parts. We are in need of new beds, now more than ever.


I’m sure you can imagine what a new bed will mean to a patient recovering from a stroke, heart attack or surgery. Not only are they a lot more comfortable, our new and innovative beds feature technology so patients can safely get in and out without fear of falling, and to prevent issues like bed sores.


New, safe, comfortable and accessible beds will help us improve patient care always our first priority at Stevenson.


For patients who spend days in our hospital, comfort, privacy and safety are critical and absolutely essential to healing. But that’s not all. Independence is important too.


That’s why our Refurbish a Room campaign also includes replacing over the bed tables for every patient space. These tables give our patients a safe way to access their personal belongings independently, providing them with an increased sense of comfort while they’re receiving care.


Over the bed tables provide more storage and are much safer and easier for patients to use – no more unnecessary twisting and stretching to reach items. Even such a small thing can bring so much comfort and contentment to a patient.


More than anywhere in our hospital, patients spend the majority of their time with us in their room. This is where they do their resting, recovering and healing. We owe it to them – to you and your loved ones – to make this space just as safe and comfortable as it can possibly be.


But for our Refurbish a Room campaign to be the success I believe it can be, we urgently need your continued support. Only with caring supporters like you by our side, can we raise the $320,000 we need to reach our total goal.


Please be as generous as you can. Your gift today will help provide the critical, life-saving, compassionate care our patients rely on. It will help ensure they have a warm, welcoming room where they can do their healing.


Sincerely yours,

Mary Beth Hennin

Clinical Coordinator Medicine Surgery


P.S. In addition to quality care and treatment, comfort is also part of the healing process. Please support our Refurbish a Room campaign by sending your generous gift today. Thank you!