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Having high quality and efficient care close to home means a lot to you. It means a lot to us too. Recently, when a young mom, Keri, and her toddler son, Jack, visited our Emergency Department, the need was never more apparent. When you visit the hospital, you want to be sure that you are getting the best care — and that is exactly what Keri wanted for her 16-month-old son, Jack, when she rushed him to our hospital last month.


When we saw Jack in our Emergency Department, his little body was covered in hives and his joints were swollen to the point where he was almost unrecognizable. This normally playful and energetic toddler was suddenly lethargic and still. Keri was worried, and our doctors were determined to find out what was wrong with this normally healthy little boy.


After spending many hours in our Emergency Department, which included a vast array of tests, it was clear that Jack would need to go to a hospital with specialized pediatric care. But first, Keri and Jack had to wait for over an hour while Jack’s medical record was assembled and doctor’s notes were jotted down — a wait that was almost unbearable for Keri as she watched Jack’s condition deteriorate.


“As a parent of a very sick child who has just spent hours in an Emergency Room, I was already feeling overwhelmed – I was stunned to find out that I was going to be responsible for all of this important paperwork as well!”


Keri was thankful that our hospital was able to refer her sick little boy to the specialist he desperately needed. The tests that were already conducted at Stevenson helped to speed up the process, and made it possible for the specialist to start treatment. After three days in the hospital, little Jack was back to his energetic self.


Keri was so grateful for the care her son received at Stevenson Memorial Hospital, and she is not alone — over 40,000 members of our community relied on our hospital’s emergency department over the past year for critical, life-saving care — care that you make possible through your support.


Your gift will ensure that children like Jack or anyone that requires medical attention will get what they need.


Providing high quality care to a growing population in a small and dated hospital is a big challenge. To better equip our hospital to rise to this challenge, we need your help to update and modernize how we deliver care.


“Reducing the wait times that a parent has to go through with a sick child would be absolutely amazing – it would have made such a big difference for us” – Keri


That is why we are excited to tell you about SHINE (Shared Health Information Network Exchange) – an innovative partnership between Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Markham Stouffville Hospital. A partnership that will revolutionize the way our hospital delivers care – so we can provide you and your loved ones with faster, safer, and higher quality care. The benefits that will come from this innovative partnership are incredible!


Just imagine,
• When you need immediate life-saving care, our medical staff will access your digital patient record in an instant, and see diagnosis and test results from all three partners in SHINE — so you will receive faster, well-informed care, diagnosis and treatment.

• When you are connected to our new ‘smart’ medical equipment, your results and readings will appear on your digital patient record!

• When you arrive at one of our partner hospitals, your digital patient record will already be there waiting for you – with no need to transport your own records or have to remember other key information!


Having excellent health care close to home is what made Jack’s story possible – your gift today will help to modernize that care, and transform your hospital experience.


Information technology is transforming the world around us, and with your help we will Transform Stevenson, making a real difference to patients like Jack and his mom Keri – and you and your family too.


You put the tools in our hands that enable us to save lives and provide quality care to patients every day. Today, we are inviting you to become a part of a remarkable partnership that will transform health care for our community.


With sincere thanks,


Dr. Matthew Myatt
Chief of Emergency Medicine
Stevenson Memorial Hospital


Steve Lange
Chair, Patient Family Advisory Council

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