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Because of You, We Can.

Dear Friend,

For a brief moment there is silence and then Dawson’s first, lusty cries fill the private birthing room at Stevenson Memorial Hospital.


Dawson’s mom, Nicole, beams as she reaches for her newborn son. There are so many emotions in that smile — relief, gratitude, pure joy. Dawson is healthy and strong.


“Everything went smoothly,” says Nicole. “The care was excellent and the staff treated us like family.”


As Nicole’s obstetrician I’m pleased to hear that. And happily, Nicole isn’t the only patient to have a positive experience. Our Birthing Unit has a 100% satisfaction rate with patients.


Today, I’m proud to share that statistic with you. After all, as a caring supporter, you’re a key member of our team here at Stevenson. You help ensure patients like Nicole and Dawson can find the innovative, compassionate care they need right here, close to home.


Nicole is very grateful she was able to deliver her baby at Stevenson – where both she and her new baby could get the individualized care she was looking for.


“The nurses were personable and very attentive,” she says. “They treated me like a person and not just a number.”


Like Nicole, I’m grateful too. It means so much to all of us at Stevenson to have kindhearted friends like you by our side. And today, during this season of giving, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to be generous again.


Your special holiday gift of $50, $60, $75, $100 or whatever you can manage will help us equip our hospital with the latest equipment, including new “smart” infusion pumps for our Hospital, including several in our Birthing Unit.
Infusion pumps are used to administer a wide variety of intravenous medications.


As you can imagine, the “smarter” they are the better to prevent programming errors. Smart pumps include a library of medications and dosing guidelines, which allows the units to provide safer dosages, and reduce risks.


This holiday season, we need your help to bring these new infusion pumps to Stevenson, including our Birthing Unit, to replace our older, outdated equipment, and to ensure infusion pumps throughout our Hospital are all the same models and use current technology.


Purchasing new equipment and investing in the latest technology has never been more crucial. You see, Dawson was one of 383 babies born at Stevenson in the past year. Never before have we helped to bring so many little ones into the world in any given year.


And the number of expectant mothers turning to us is expected to rise dramatically. By 2019-2020, we expect to deliver close to 500 babies into the welcoming arms of their families.


That’s great news. It means more people in the community are trusting Stevenson with the birth and care of their babies. As Nicole says, “Everything I needed was right here.”


But so many births also put a lot of pressure on our equipment. Your gift this season is urgently needed so we can keep pace with the increased demand for our maternity services and continue to ensure the best care possible for newborns and new moms.


Our Birthing Unit isn’t the only department in need. Our community is growing and so is the demand for health care services such as Emergency, Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging and others. As you may have heard, we’re in the midst of a Transforming Stevenson campaign to raise $8 million to transform your hospital.


Ensuring we have state-of-the-art equipment like new infusion pumps is a major part of delivering better health care to our community. And I really hope we can count on your support.


Caring supporters like you have been there for us before. As you may recall, we briefly closed our Birthing Unit in December 2006. Thanks to the support of our amazing community, we were able to buy the essential equipment we needed to re-open the Unit in early 2008.


This holiday season, I hope you’ll be there for us again. Your special holiday gift will mean expectant mothers can continue to find the state-of-the-art equipment and high standard of care they need in our Birthing Unit and throughout the hospital.


They’ll be able to hear their child’s first cry right here in their own community.


With best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season,


Dr. J. Scheeres
Obstetrician, Stevenson Memorial Hospital




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