At first, Tim Koenig thought that he’d just pulled a muscle in his arm.
But when the pain intensified and moved to his chest, he was sure he was having a heart attack.
“I broke out into a cold sweat and I was writhing around in incredible pain,” recalls Tim who was only 55 at the time. “I knew I was having a heart attack but was in denial which is quite a powerful thing. I even ‘Googled’ the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and I had them all so I asked my neighbour to take me to the hospital.”
“Within minutes of arriving at Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH), I was rushed to a room and hooked up to machines,” continues Tim. “They administered nitroglycerine and did a blood test. At first my doctor thought it might be an anxiety attack, but after further tests and monitoring, he told me I wasn’t going anywhere. He was 90% sure I’d had a heart attack, which tests later confirmed to be true.”
Thankfully, Tim received the lifesaving care he needed, when he needed it most.
And thanks to caring donors like you who are helping to set a new standard of community health care, after a six-day hospital stay, further tests and follow up care in our cardiac rehab program, today Tim is doing well and looking forward to spending the upcoming holidays with his wife Pauline, kids and grandkids.
Whether it’s a heart attack, accident, or any other urgent need, Stevenson is here for you, your family, neighbours and everyone in this community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you ever need us. But today, we need you to be there for us.
“The day after I was released, I wrote in to the hospital to let them know just how grateful I am to the doctors, nurses and staff at Stevenson for their quality of care,” continues Tim. “The nurses were fantastic. Their friendliness, empathy and professionalism were unbelievable. I am in awe of them!”
Yet, in order to provide our caregivers with the lifesaving equipment they require, we must raise over $1 Million annually for critical equipment needs such as beds, stretchers, infusion pumps, fetal heart rate monitors, a portable ultrasound, bladder scanner, sleeper chairs and many other items of essential equipment.
And since the government does not fund annual capital equipment needs, we MUST rely on the support of the community that we serve to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for care.
Home to one of the busiest Emergency Departments (ED) in the area, every day of the year an average of 105 patients come to our ED in need – sometimes up to 140 patients a day during the busy holiday season! And with your support today, we’ll be there for each and every one of them, providing the best care for all.
In Tim’s words, “I’m so grateful for the care I received.” Just like we’re thankful to have kind and generous donors like you by our side.
With sincere thanks,
Jody Levac, President & CEO
Stevenson Memorial Hospital


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