It happened in a second.

Nineteen-year-old Bev was on her way to the family cottage, when the car she was traveling in went onto the shoulder, flipped over and Bev was thrown from the car.
Rushed to Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) with multiple life-threatening injuries, the doctors fought to resuscitate her not once, but twice. And while they worked to stabilize Bev in surgery, a surgeon from Toronto was airlifted to the hospital to wire her badly broken jaw and assist with her numerous injuries.
Bev survived the surgery and spent the next three days in a medically induced coma. The doctors and nurses tried to prepare Bev’s family for the possibility that she may never wake up. But against the odds, Bev did wake up! And after two weeks of intensive in-patient care followed by several months of rehabilitation, Bev went on to live a full and happy life, later marrying and having two children. Bev is forever grateful for the life-saving care she received that day and so am I.
Because when I tell Bev’s story, I call her Mom. And without SMH, I wouldn’t be here today.
My name is Tanya Wall and as the Executive Director of the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) I have the joy of working in the hospital that saved my Mom’s life. Every day, as I walk through the halls, I see the difference that the support of caring people like you is making in countless lives and I want to ask you to join with us today to help provide the best care for all.
Because even though my Mom’s story took place over 50 years ago, it could have happened last week, as life-saving stories continually take place at SMH. And the common thread between then and now, is that it has always been the exceptional, compassionate care that our staff provides that makes SMH stand out, helping SMH set a new standard for community hospital care.
And while my family will always be grateful for the care my Mom received on that fateful day in 1966, it’s hard to believe that SMH has not had a major renovation since 1964. And despite the fact that our facility is long overdue for a renovation, today we’re caring for close to 40,000 patients annually in an Emergency Department (ED) that was originally built for 7,000 – which is 571% over what it was designed for!
It’s our time. We MUST grow to keep up. Which is why I’m asking you to make a special tax-deductible gift today to help purchase urgently needed equipment, fund new technology and help our hospital redevelop for the future. There’s no doubt that the demand for care is greatly increasing in our rapidly growing community. And it’s not just the sheer volume of patients that is growing, but SMH is caring for many more patients who are critically ill with serious medical needs. In fact, recently, SMH had three patients airlifted to Toronto, within just 24 hours, and there are times that our ED is so full that it’s standing room only!
And since the government does not fund annual capital equipment needs, we need you and the support of everyone in our community – as early in the New Year as possible – to help the thousands of patients who will be turning to SMH in the upcoming year. On behalf of the many patients and families who will benefit from your kind support, thank you! In the ten years that I have been working with the Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of our donors and I’m honoured and humbled by our community’s incredible support. I want you to know that every dollar given is well used and gratefully received.
Please join with us today to help make more life-saving stories possible in the upcoming year.
With sincere thanks,




Tanya Wall, CFRE

Executive Director

Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation


Stevenson Memorial Hospital Charitable # 119173235RR0001