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It’s All About the Ask

Many years ago, Central United Church in Barrie appointed me as volunteer Treasurer of the Church. It was a great experience because on a limited budget we had to make sure the Church was a going-concern, and still make sure everything got paid. As soon as I became Treasurer, I discovered the Church was $50,000 in debt and had been for a few years. We discussed the issue amongst the Board and I suggested that if you want something, ask for it.

We selected the Chair of the Board to outline the severity of the situation every Sunday from the pulpit, and to appeal to raise enough funds to eliminate the debt. After a month of requests, the debt was paid off. Every week we let the congregation know how we were collectively doing. Every week the same appeal went out. Every week money kept coming in. It came from the unlikeliest of places. Widows whom I thought were in financial straits, gave four-figure donations. The Board was thrilled with the success of the drive and many years, thereafter the Church remained fiscally responsible.

Collectively, we have a community responsibility to raise $43 million for our hospital. It will take every person in our catchment area giving to reach our goal. There are 73,000 of us, Because of you, we can raise the funds needed. You can give a one-time donation or make a commitment over multiple years. If each of us gives our share, we will climb this mountain together and be very proud of the result. Please consider this as my respectful ask for your commitment to supporting Stevenson Memorial Hospital to receive its much-needed redevelopment and give to the Because of you, we can Campaign.


Dr. Ted Vandevis –  Strategic Advisor of the Because of you, we can Campaign

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