Most of you know the story of Theodore Pringle Loblaw donating over $100,000 to build a hospital in Alliston in the 1920s to honour his grandparents William and Elizabeth Stevenson. The Stevensons settled on their farm in Essa in 1832

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tim Horton's promotion of “Roll Up the Rim to Win 2023 – Every Roll Wins” and this year the twist, of course, is that every “roll” results in winning a prize. Every one. What a

One of the most gratifying and inspiring opportunities I ever received was to be appointed as Chair of the reconstituted Board of Directors of Stevenson Memorial Hospital in 2007. I’d had earlier opportunities in my career to found and lead

Let me introduce you to SMH’s first Director of Nursing. Marion Carlton joined the hospital in 1954 and watched the then new hospital being built and opened in 1964. Moving into the new hospital coincided with Marion being named its