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Cohen’s Gift: A Tune of Giving Back

In our community, there’s a heartwarming tale of generosity and goodwill starring a 10-year-old named Cohen. He’s not your average youth; he’s a guitar enthusiast passionate about making a positive impact.

Last September, Cohen, now part of our Grateful Patient program, walked into Stevenson Memorial Hospital with his baseball hat filled with donations. But the story behind those donations is what makes it truly special.

It all started at the local arena, where Cohen, watching his younger brother play hockey, decided to share his musical talent in the foyer. A kind spectator dropped $5 before him, igniting a spark within Cohen. Turning his hat upside down, he added a handwritten sign that read “donations to the hospital.” What happened next was unexpected yet heartwarming—his hat was soon filled with contributions from the community.

Coming into the hospital as a grateful patient, Cohen donated the funds to the entire hospital. His reasoning was as simple as his gesture: the hospital had been there for him and his family in various situations, and he wanted to give back to every department that had played a part in his family receiving quality healthcare during their numerous visits to Stevenson.

Like Cohen, you, too, can be a part of our Grateful Patient program here at Stevenson Memorial Hospital.  The program offers a heartfelt opportunity for patients and their families to give back by donating in honour of a dedicated staff, team, or unit who made a difference during their hospital experience.

Cohen’s story is a reminder of each person’s power to make a difference. His small yet meaningful act of collecting donations in his hat reflects the potential for positive change within our community.

As we appreciate Cohen’s generous spirit, let’s also recognize the significance of donations in supporting our healthcare system.  The expenses for hospital equipment in Ontario are not covered by the provincial government. Much like the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation, all other Ontario hospital foundations depend on donations to support the funding of equipment, technology, and some renovation projects. Every contribution, no matter how modest, plays a role in acquiring essential equipment, ensuring our hospital can continue offering outstanding care.

So, join Cohen’s tune of giving back. Let’s acknowledge that our actions, no matter how simple, can collectively create a positive impact. Inspired by Cohen, let’s contribute to Stevenson Memorial Hospital and ensure it remains a beacon of health and care for our community.

For more information and to make a Grateful Patient donation, please call (705) 435-6281, ext. 2350, or visit

By: Kara Harris-Row

Communications Coordinator, Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation


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