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Notable Catchment Residents

Our catchment area comprises some 73,000+ individuals (30,000 households) who, each of their own rites are unique, clever, and intelligent. The following have those attributes and, in addition, set themselves apart from the rest of us by having excelled in one or more ways. History has and is rewarding them with prominence or having excelled in their field.  Here are some from our community that you may know.

Notable PersonTownDescription
Aitken, Kate    BeetonAuthor, Broadcaster, Chef, Farmer, Interviewer, Speaker and Teacher.
Atwood, Margaret    PrimroseTeacher, Poet, Novelist, Literary Critic, Inventor, Essayist, Awards Recipient, Activist
Banting, Sir Dr. Frederick      AllistonCo-discoverer of Insulin, Nobel Laureate, Painter, Physician, Scientist, Director on SMH inaugural Board
Biffis, Lou    AllistonEstablished the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre, and Philanthropist
Bond Head, Sir Francis  Bond Head6th Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada & Bond Head namesake
Borden, Sir Frederick William      BordenMinister of Militia & Defence, Creator & financier of modernized Canadian Militia, and Base Borden namesake
Carleton, Wayne  Beetonb. 1946 NHL, 1 Memorial Cup and 1 Stanley Cup
Coulson, Jeremy Baxter  BaxterBaxter named for his mother’s maiden name
Fletcher, William    AllistonPioneer, Settler and Alliston named for his native town Allerston in England
Gordon, Father Edward John  ColganFounding pastor of St. James Catholic Church in Colgan in 1830.
Gordon, Thomas  EverettNamed for his father’s England hometown
Gould, JohnBeetonb. 1949 NHL
Gould, LarryBeetonb. 1952 NHL
Hipwell, Joseph Robert (J.R.)      AllistonPharmacist who worked into his 90s, uncle of Sir Frederick Banting ,inaugural Director on SMH board in 1928
Holmes, WarrenBeetonb. 1957 NHL
Jones, David Allanson (DA)  Clarksville BeetonBeekeeper and Beeton was developed on his land in 1860s
Lisle, Annie (song)LisleLisle namesake
Loblaw, Theodore Pringle    EssaEstablished Loblaw grocery chain and established Stevenson Memorial Hospital
McCague, Zelda  BeetonOldest Canadian ever at 113, (1888-2001)
McCarthy, Malcolm    Alliston1862 1st Editor of The Alliston Star, named The Alliston Herald in 1871
Morrow, F.K.  AllistonDonated $2000 for each of 10 years to help establish SMH
Mulock, Sir William  Bond HeadU of T Chancellor and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Murphy, Emily    Cookstown1st woman Magistrate in Canada and British Empire, and Famous Five member
Needles, Bill    RosemontCanada’s oldest working actor retired at 87 and died at 97, Order of Canada
Needles, DanRosemontAuthor and playwright
Needles, DorothyRosemontAuthor and playwright
Niventin, DavidRosemont“Love It or List It” co-star
Osler, Sir Dr. William  Bond HeadFather of clinical medicine in Canada
Partland Brothers  ColganSuccessful recording artists GP, Chris, Robin
Pulford, Bob    Newton Robinsonb. 1936 – NHL player, coach and Executive, 4 Stanley Cups, Hockey Hall of Fame
Rhys, Steven  AllistonRetired EVP of FORREC – global theme park developer
Rowe, Earl  Newton RobinsonOntario Lieutenant Governor
Rutherford, Jim    Beetonb. 1949 – NHL player, Executive, 3 Stanley Cups, Hockey Hall of Fame
Stevenson, William & Elizabeth  EssaSettled Stevenson farms in 1832 and Stevenson Memorial Hospital namesake
Tarbush, JonasAngusBought and settled Angus
Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief  New TecumsethNew Tecumseth namesake and military leader in War of 1812
Thomson, Janet  TottenhamProfessor, Journalist, Writer, Award Winning CBC Producer
Thornton, HenryThorntonThornton namesake
Totten, AlexanderTottenhamTottenham namesake
Vandenberg, Tom  AllistonPuppeteer – worked with The Muppets during 1980s
Vander Zaag, Dr. Peter    EssaPotato breeder and specialist, President – World Potato Congress
Willoughby, Dr. Charles James McNeilCookstownSurgeon
Woodrow, Dianne  Bond HeadProfessor, Stage Manager for Shaw and Stratford Theatres


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