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How Do You Eat a $43m Elephant?

Janet and Ted Vandevis have both lived in the Stevenson catchment area off and on for much of their lives. Janet (Schep) was born at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in 1956, lived in Adjala Township until she married Ted in Alliston, attended the one-room schoolhouse S.S. No. 6 (Adjala 2nd Line & 30th Sideroad), S.S. No. 5, Adjala Township Central School, graduated Banting in the 70s, and returned to Briar Hill in 2005. Ted was farm-raised on the 9th Line of Tecumseth Township, went to Tecumseth North Central, Beeton Central and Banting. Ted was appointed Hospital Board Chair in 2007 and led the newly re-constituted Board, while Janet worked her magic on the SMH Auxiliary. Ted has been active with the Because of you, we can Capital Campaign since 2020.

One of the things that impress the Vandevis’ the most is the incredibly high accreditation score the Hospital has been earning of late. With having earned the highest rating possible of over 98%, Stevenson is in the stratosphere of quality health care. And, according to Janet and Ted, this little engine that could, is ours. Ours to use, to support, to cherish and to love. These scores are not handed out willy-nilly. They are merited through the dedication and hard work of the staff, physicians, management, Foundation and Hospital Boards of Directors, Auxiliary and Board committees.

There is an additional team in place, namely the Capital Campaign Cabinet. The Campaign needs our abiding love and tangible support if we are going to be successful in redeveloping a new Stevenson Memorial Hospital. To those ends, Janet and Ted Vandevis have recommitted monthly to the Because of you, we can Capital Campaign bringing their lifetime giving to $10,000. A little bit every month really adds up, and takes another bite out of the $43m campaign for our local share.

Please join Janet and Ted and have your monthly contribution help secure a much-needed physical space to augment the 98%+ outstanding quality of health services provided in our backyard. Every one of us is doing our share.

Dr. Ted Vandevis is the Strategic Advisor of the Because of you, we can Campaign