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A Re-Introduction to the Because of you, we can Campaign

Stevenson Memorial Hospital was opened on June 30, 1928 after receiving a generous founding gift from Theodore P. Loblaw of grocery store fame, in honour of his grandparents William and Elizabeth Stevenson. The present building was built in 1964.  Our neighborhoods have grown significantly serving as anchors for industry, commerce and as bedroom communities for the GTA. Sadly, our Hospital has not kept a similar growth pace.

When I was appointed by the Province as Chair of the newly reconstituted Stevenson Memorial Hospital Board in 2007, we were at the verge of closure. No one wanted to see that happen. The community, local business and industry, Hospital Board, Foundation Board, Auxiliary, Medical Association, Hospital Staff and volunteers all pitched in to keep our beloved Hospital afloat. And wow, did it float. Recent independent accreditation has rated SMH as one of the best small Hospitals in Ontario.

It is estimated that the cost of a brand-new addition, equipment and refurbishing of the existing space will cost $167 million, of which $43 million is the responsibility of the local communities to fundraise ($30 million is the local share required for redevelopment and the additional $13 million is for equipment and technology needs). This is where you and I come in. We have in excess of 73,000 individuals in our “catchment” area who would normally make use of the Hospital. We all need to give generously in order to make this new Hospital a reality. Please stay tuned to this column to see how you can participate. If we all make a donation that is meaningful to us, we will be amazed at our collective ability to get this done. 

Collectively, we are more than 73,000 individuals. The only ones to use the Hospital are individuals…when we are hurt, sick, giving birth or at end-of-life. It will take 73,000 individuals to make our new Hospital a reality. Fulfill your individual opportunity today. “I’m In.”

Thank you to all the individuals that have already taken the step to become part of the Because of you, we can Campaign.

Dr. Ted Vandevis is the Strategic Advisor of the Because of you, we can Campaign