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I’m In – Are you?

As President & CEO of an electrical safety consulting company, I envisioned an industry with zero injuries to any of our 50,000 electrical workers. In 1999, we were experiencing 1,200 injuries per year and so I suggested to my Board of Directors that we embark on a goal of zero injuries. The culture needed to change from one where “injuries are always going to happen” to one of “zero injuries.”

One of my Board Directors, Mark Caccamo said that if we were going to do this we had to concentrate on the individual. “No hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors with injury rates such as 2.056 injuries per 100 employees,” he rightly asserted. We needed to focus on the individual because individuals get hurt and feel pain. The premise was that a goal of zero would resonate if every injury was counted and timely feedback with exact numbers was provided to the membership on our progress toward zero injuries.

Although the electrical industry was already the second-best performing industry in the province, collectively we pushed the injuries down from 1,200 in 2000 to 300 in 2010. Since I retired in 2010 the injuries have continued to decline to below 100. That performance is twice as good as the rest of the province’s other industries during the same time and in a very high-risk electrical industry. All with a vision of zero injuries to any individual worker. How powerful!

We have 73,000+ individuals in our catchment area and together, we can focus our needs for a much-needed redevelopment of SMH and health care close to home. 

A goal of giving from each household in our community that uses our Hospital or may need it in the future is a powerful way we can help fund our Hospital’s much needed redevelopment.

You can count on me to lead the way. My wife and I have spread out our donation over three years and so can you.  Many people say “I’ve never been asked to give.” Well, I’m asking you now…. I’m in, are you?  


Dr. Ted Vandevis is the Strategic Advisor of the Because of you, we can Campaign