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Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation

Give Till You Feel Great About It

We have a gem of an institution in our own backyard. Stevenson Memorial Hospital was built through the generosity of a visionary Theodore Pringle Loblaw who knew the importance of health services close to home. He gave till he felt great about it. $100,000 back in the roaring twenties is likely the equivalent of $10 million today. Not many of us can write a check for that amount of money. And that’s okay because if we all do a little bit, we can raise what we need to build a newly developed hospital.

Had Mr. Loblaw not had the resources or the foresight to establish Stevenson when he did, we would all be travelling to Southlake, Headwaters, Collingwood, or Barrie to receive medical care that every one of us individuals will need at some point in our lives. They are all fine institutions in their own right, and while it might be desirable to drive to one of these centers for major elective procedures and other specialist treatments, the prospect of emergency visits, dialysis, less specialized surgeries, and birthing is really terrific that they can happen close to home.

Thank goodness, we can all do a little bit to make sure we keep our beloved hospital in our own backyard and governed by our own local citizens. What’s a little bit? In the big scheme of things, a little bit will mean different things to different people. However, a donation of an average of $100 per household for a period of three years with that donation spread over five years is a little bit for most. For each household $100 for each of three years would amount to a total of $300, and if spread over five years it would amount to approximately $60.00 per year or $1.15 per week. For me, this is a little bit.

The title of this week’s editorial is “Give Till You Feel Great About It.” If you like the sound of giving till you feel great about it, please give more to supplement those who can’t give that amount. If we all contribute an average of $3.50 per day for five years we will collectively raise $9 million dollars toward our share of our local hospital. I know I’m not asking too much, and now I know you know too. Please use your intellect, conscience, logic, and reason to satisfy your mind, spirit, and soul that you’ve done the right thing by supporting this exceptional campaign. You don’t really have to “give till it hurts” but it would be wonderful if you gave till you felt great about it.      


Dr. Ted Vandevis – Board Director, Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation

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