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Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation

Everyone Wins

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tim Horton’s promotion of “Roll Up the Rim to Win 2023 – Every Roll Wins” and this year the twist, of course, is that every “roll” results in winning a prize. Every one. What a marvelous way to position an organization in the myriad competing interests out there. Tim Hortons already has a great following and this contest only improves that.

I couldn’t help but think that this promotion and opportunity is no different from the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation’s “Because of You, We Can” campaign to raise the community’s share of $43 million to go toward equipping the newly developed hospital. What an opportunity. We’ve identified more than 2,500 businesses in the Stevenson catchment area along with their contact information and in excess of 30,000 households who rely on Stevenson to be their primary healthcare provider.

The Campaign Team being led by Sylvia Biffis of the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre has a very capable team of supporters (I’m proud to be one of them) and together we are going to reach out to every one of the 2500+ businesses through personal contact and every possible individual through social media. The goal is to engage every business and every household in supporting the campaign. As an individual, you will not likely receive a personal call from one of our solicitors so please respond to our outreach through social media at a level of giving that makes you feel great and is within your capacity to give. We’ve talked about thinking in terms of an average of $300 per household, per each of three years as a good benchmark to set for household giving. As a business, you will LIKELY receive a call to discuss the opportunity for the Campaign to be presented to you. We will be contacting all businesses we can find, large and small to discuss the principles and benefits of joining the effort. If you don’t receive a call in the next two years, please contact us to make your business known to us. We are not avoiding you, just weren’t able to find you. We need all businesses to participate and don’t want to miss anyone.

The Hospital belongs to every one of us. It is ours. We have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild our hospital. If you want this hospital not only to survive but thrive please give today. Give till you feel great about it. Each one of us doing our part to make this campaign a resounding success.

If each of us contributes and “rolls up to win” we will win a new hospital. In fact, you could consider we earned it. The similarity to the Timmies campaign is that if we all “buy in” every one of us will win. There are no losers. We are fortunate to have Timmie’s franchisees in the catchment area who have been very helpful in supporting our great hospital to date. Help yourself to win by supporting Canada’s coffee maker and Stevenson, and together we will all win big.


Dr. Ted Vandevis – Board Director, Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation

For more information:Kara Harris
Communications Coordinator
Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation 705-434-8289